Benefits of Jaggery : Dr. Amita Abrol

1) Detox and Breathe easy:

With the menace of air pollution taking over our cities and towns, the cases of breathing disorder have grown manifold in their numbers. In this situation, eating a piece of jaggery could very well be akin to a breath of fresh air ! With its anti allergic properties, jaggery is a highly recommended addition to your daily diet. Jaggery’s detoxifying and anti carcinogenic quality is an effective remedy for issues like bronchitis, wheezing, asthma and such breathing related disorders, as it relaxes the respiratory muscles. It also clears excessive mucus from the system and clears the body of toxins.
Industrial Toxicology Research revealed that jaggery provided protection to the workers working in a smoky and dusty environment. As people suffering from respiratory illnesses also face lack of immunity and a poor digestive system, eating a small piece of jaggery every day supplements one’s body with nutrients as well. Great things do come in small packages

benefits of jaggery

2) Natural source of micro nutrients:

Unlike its processed counterpart, white sugar, Jaggery is unrefined, which is why it retains all its natural goodness, keeping all the micronutrients intact! Molasses is a nutritious by-product of the sugar making process, which is usually removed when making refined sugar, something which is retained in the case of jaggery.Being a great source of iron, it keeps anaemia at bay as well. When we eat white sugar, our digestive system works extra hard to digest it, using up precious reserves of calcium and potassium reserves to assimilate the sugar into our system. On the other hand, jaggery is easily digested by the body, without having to deplete these reserves.
3) Power packed with minerals:
With its rich potassium content, together with calcium, manganese and zinc, jaggery pacs a powerful punch when it comes to fulfilling your body’s mineral requirements. A high potassium content means your body’s acidity levels stays balanced, and reduced hypertension. In today’s stressful times, this destressing quality is much welcomed ! Its antioxidant properties combats the harmful free radicals that roam in the body, protecting your cells from damage and signs of early ageing.

Benefits of jaggery

3) Healer of common flu:

This flu season, protect yourself by adding a little bit of jaggery to your daily diet ! By boosting your immune system, jaggery helps create a shield against diseases such as the common cold, cough flu.Herbal medicine has long since stumbled upon the curative effects of jaggery. It’s decongestant properties helps clear out phlegm from your system, leading to quicker recovery from cough and it has high level of phosphorus too. Add it to some honey, ginger powder and warm water, and you have a homemade solution to cough!

4) Keeps you going through the day:

Because of having a longer chain of sucrose, digesting jaggery is a slow process, which means it releases energy in a sustained manner in your body. This makes it a good fit for people who are active through the day, such as athletes, since it keeps you going through the day, instead of highly processed sugar, which creates a spike of energy, and then quickly causes a glucose crash, leaving you feeling fatigued and drained soon afterwards!
All these properties have us convinced that this rich, delicious ingredient is also a treasure of health benefits. So go ahead, replace that sugar in your coffee with a spoonful of jaggery powder, or eat a small piece after your meal, and add some more of good health into your daily routine!

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